A Dull Roar has been in publication since 2007 and contains well over 250 individual posts about life in the "Land of Eternal Spring." It is an ideal web marketing platform for companies serving retirees, expats and international travelers. Recent changes to Google's ranking algorithms are favoring content-rich sites such as A Dull Roar and savvy advertisers understand this.

You can advertise on A Dull Roar for under $7.00 per month.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at

Advertising Options and Pricing

Roll-Your-Own Banner Ads

Banner ads are sold in units of 125 by 125 pixels. There is available space at the top of the left and right sidebars. Maximum width for the left sidebar is 125 pixels, 250 pixels on the right sidebar.

Remember, that banner ads show up on every post and page of the blog, even this one. 

You can buy space for one month, three months or a year in units of 125x125 pixels:

One month is $10, 3 months is $25 and one year is $80.

Just send me your image and the link to your landing page. Payment is via Paypal (see below).

Google Direct AdSense Banner Ads

Google now offers advertisers the ability to purchase AdSense ad space directly via publishers. Available on A Dull Roar is the top 768x90 banner, the right side 250x250 banner or the pair of 468x60 banners that appear at the bottom of the first couple of posts on the page. The latter pair sell as a single unit.

Your ad will show exclusively in the space you purchase instead of AdSense ads. You arrange with me the duration of the ad (1 to 90 days), the exact dates you want it to run (at least one week ahead of time). I enter those data into their system and send you a link where you can complete the process. You must pay in advance to Google using Google Wallet.

I charge a flat rate for and of the sizes of AdSense Direct ads: $1.50 per day. That is a smokin' deal for the top banner.

Guest Posts

Another great way to advertise on ADR is to supply a guest post that promotes your service, which is of a topic outlined in Guideline #1. Posts should be a maximum of 700 words and include no more than 4 photos and no more than 4 embedded links. Be sure the images are either public domain or you own the rights.

You can supply the post or I can write it for you and supply photos. If I write it, you have the right for review and revision before posting. I have final say in any case as to what I will post.

The flat rate for a guest post is $50 and it remains on the site for as long as the blog exists (many more years I hope!).

If I write the post (SEO-friendly with your keywords/keyphrases), I charge 10 cents a word in addition to the post fee and include public domain or sharealike photos free of charge. You may request reasonable revisions or link changes as long as the post is up.

In either case, I will push your post out to social media just as I would for my own posts.


After your ad or guest post is published, payment is expected within 10 days to my Paypal account: (except for Google AdSense ads, which you pay for directly to Google).

Advertising Guidelines

If you would like to advertise on A Dull Roar, please bear in mind a few guidelines:

Guideline #1: No ads promoting sex, drugs, or rock'n'roll.

Guideline #2: Flexibility - After your ad is in place, it's my policy to let you change the image and/or link once a month, no extra charge. If you have ideas about advertising here that are not one of the options above, let's discuss it.

Guideline #3: 10 days to pay. In other words, you get a 10-day free trial! If payment is not received, the ad comes down.

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