Peaceful Tranquility for Adventuresome Travelers of Costa Rica's Serene Southern Mountains in Our Artistic Cabina

About three years ago we got the bright idea (it seemed at the time anyway to be bright) of adding a small cabin to our property here in Costa Rica's La Zona Sur for would-be guests, family and friends in particular. Click here for the AirBnB listing.

We worked on it only during our summer months the first couple of years from about January to April. This year, we felt we were close enough to completion that we could make firm invites to people to visit and enjoy the seclusion of our hideaway cabin during their stay. Some friends did accept and were to arrive mid-February.

The Big Push

Thus, mid-November we made the "big push" to get it all in order figuring an early start would get us done about the middle or end of January. Who knew that we'd be putting on the finishing touches right up until dark the day before our guests arrived! These last few months were a slog at times with long hours about six days a week. Other projects were put on the back burner during this time that we're only catching up on now.

4 mosaics adorn the outside walls of the costa rica cabin
Four tropical-themed mosaics grace the outside walls

We brought in electricity (which we didn't have except from a small generator during previous seasons), wired the place, brought in water from our second spring, added windows, gutters, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor toilet and shower, tower and tank for the shower and so on. As we crossed off another task on our to-finish list, we added two more right up until the final weeks.

Mosaic Worth More Than Cabin

southern costa rica cabin in the forest
Outdoor kitchen and cabin
As you can see, a major part of the project were the mosaics on all four exterior walls. I know I'm biased, but I think this is some of my wife's best mosaic work ever. Much the content is taken from our farm and neighborhood including the jaguarundi on the back wall that she spotted one day walking the dogs.

If you have followed my wife Tamara's past mosaic projects here in Costa Rica, you know how time-consuming these can be. Given what she normally charges for commissioned projects of this type, they are worth more than the cabin itself!

Sprint to the Finish

Besides last touches and cleanup, the final biggest task was the finish floor. This was a nail-biter as I had to wait for the flooring to arrive from San José as it was not in stock at any local building materials store. When it arrived, I realized we hadn't ordered enough adhesive, but luckily I found one more gallon at another building supply store that they didn't even know they had until I scanned their shelves, which are partitioned off from casual customers.

The entryway and our little Tica dog Lily
At last, it's done, finito, completed and already we've had two guests and another has booked the cabin for after we listed it on AirBnB.

It's a glamper's dream with its own outdoor kitchen and plenty of flora and fauna about in a very secluded location. In our neighborhood you can see coati, possums of various types, hawks, tolomuco, toucans, armadillos, Mot-mots, tanagers by the dozen, jaguarundi, tepezquintle and many more critters.

Future Plans

Naturally, there is always room for improvement and we definitely have those mini-projects in mind but at a less frenetic pace.

The next major improvement will be a sitting deck over the adjacent quebrada from which guests can enjoy the sunset and sounds of the brook and night birds during Costa Rica's emerald season.

interior of bed in Costa Rica cabina

More About the Cabin

By the way, with an additional air mattress on the floor, this cabin sleeps four.

There is an outdoor kitchen with a sink, gas burners, silverware, pots and utensils. We even throw in a traditional Costa Rica chorreador for your morning coffee. WiFi and strong cell signal are available.

Outdoor (flush!) toilet and shower

This hideaway is a short 2 km drive from the Pan-American highway and just 15 minutes to San Isidro de El General by car, a town of 50,000 population. There are many outstanding tourist sights in La Zona Sur including pristine Pacific beaches an hour away.

Please come and stay soon during your holidays to enjoy our fresh, cool weather and the many sights, birds, plants and wildlife of our wonderful Talamanca mountains in La Zone Sur!

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