My Truck, Wounds Healed, Has a Happy Homecoming Today

Update Nov.2014: See How This Truck Turned Out in The End.

I told my wife this morning that today was going to be my lucky day, I just felt it:
  • Over a week ago, I'd sold my big GMC truck, but 4 attempts to get the SINPE wire transfer to my bank had failed even after two trips to my bank to straighten things out. But, I thought sure that today it would go through, and it did.
    old pickup rolled and cut up
    My truck after its ravine roll, in sad shape indeed
  • I needed the money today to finish paying for the repair of my pitiful '88 Mitsubishi truck that rolled down a ravine back in March. I was hoping it would finally be done today. It was!
  • Even luckier, after picking up the truck, I had a balance owing, so I went to my bank to withdraw funds and when I came out, we ran into an old friend and her daughter and while we were chatting at length, my body shop guy showed up, so I didn't have to make an extra trip to pay him off.
  • Our new 4Mbps Internet service started today, for the same price as the old.
  • Not least of all, in the morning, I finished two small kitchen appliance repairs that actually worked! 
  The new truck cab is excellent. Pictures below the fold ...

 It's freshly repainted, as is the chassis and motor compartment, has a new windshield, re-covered seat and all new gaskets. The doors close like they were showroom new. 

right side view of truck with new cabin
The old truck with new cabin back at home
 We couldn't re-use the fender flares unfortunately because the old ones were a slightly different size. The receiving end of the two lap belts would work from the new cab, so we had to use the blue ones from the old truck. Minor stuff, considering the overall better state of the new cabin.

Rear view of the truck, with no box
Rear view with the old taillights mounted for the trip home

I left the old bed with the body shop with instructions to sell it and/or the plastic liner. I'll be building a new bed and rack from scratch with steel and wood that I hope will look classy.

Front view

The new/used cabin was already white, so we had a new coat of white added. I like the look better than the old dark blue actually.

The engine compartment, besides sporting a new coat of black, is less cluttered as there had been artifacts of the original gas engine when it was converted to a Hyundai diesel. Ran just as strong as I remembered it on the drive home, lots of low-end torque, smooth acceleration.

So, there you have it. A tragic chapter closed out and a new one begun for the old Mitsubishi. I look forward to the bed project and many more years of driving it. It is absolutely not for sale! :)


  1. I am impressed!! Looks great! from Denise

  2. Wait until you see the bed I have ready in my imagination. :)


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