Want to Buy a Lovely Costa Rica Finca? or Selling, but Not Selling Out

panoramic sunset from our costa rica balcony
View from the balcony of our house. Cerro de La Muerte just beyond the clouds
[Update: The property now includes an artistic guest cabin with outdoor kitchen and bath, but the price remains the same! Check it out via our AirBnB listing: www.airbnb.com/rooms/23323245 

Also, be sure to see the drone video of this property taken last summer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/rfaVx4HD6SM ]

The price of the entire property is $289,000. We are open to financing with 30% down with level payments over 10 years.

Here's a rough summary (more details can be found at the "Our Finca Sale" page, which you can access just under the blog header photo above):

  • Located at 4,000 ft. elevation just north of San Isidro de El General. The air is always fresh and cool and the views are outstanding
  • Walking distance to Matasanos village and the larger towns of San Ramón Sur and San Ramón Norte.
  • Fresh, cold, clean water comes from a spring flowing right out of the Las Piedras granite batholith, part of which crosses the property.
  • Rural tranquility with kind, friendly, honest neighbors both Tico and Gringo. The nearest house is 1/4 mile away. Fresh goat milk, cow milk, cheese, sour cream, meat and fish can be purchased from neighbors.
  • The house is 2,000 sq. ft. with two bedrooms, a second story family room, 2 bathrooms, 2 patios, a balconay plus a double carport. The interior is finished in tropical woods (teak, cedro amargo, amarrillon and eucalyptus) and features tremendous amounts of light and a spectacular view of Cerro de La Muerte to the north.
  • A mosaic-decorated cabina has been built on a secluded part of the property with kitchen and bath, perfect for family, friends or AirBnB guests.
  • The home itself is decorated inside and outside with permanent mosaics by Tamara
  • A 1500 sq. ft. workshop is below the house with 300 sq. ft. secured, full electricity, water, a toilet and a phone line. It gets Internet via a Wi-Fi link to the house. It would be very easy to convert the workshop into a second house for guests or for rent.
  • The house has 4 Mb DSL and excellent cellular service.
  • It's 3 km to the Interamericana highway, 15 mins. to San Isidro and less than an hour's drive to Dominical and pristine southern Pacific beaches.
  • Dozens of various fruit trees and lumber trees have been planted in recent years as well as construction-grade bamboo (now 60 ft. tall!), coffee, papayas, guanabana, matasanos and bananas, all organically grown.
  • There is a permanent vivero (greenhouse) just below the house where you can grow veggies.
Two-thirds of the finca is secondary forest.


If you want to discuss anything about this sale, just look up our Contact Us info at the top of the page.
Keep in mind, too, that if you are going to build before arriving permanently in Costa Rica, Tamara has a degree in architecture and I have 15 years experience in residential construction. We can design your house and oversee its construction for you.
Pura vida!


  1. Why are you selling? You may have given details in a previous post, but I cannot find it. Did you leave the area? Sorry if this is a repeat--please respond to this one. Thank you! Lynda

    1. Not leaving the area, just transitioning to renters.


Thanks so much for your comment! - Casey