Post Carving Costa Rican Tropicale Style

Tico wood carver starting our post
Campana carving
For years, we had intended to have the four eucalyptus posts on our outdoor patios carved in tropical style. More than one person told us about a local carver who is just a stone's throw away from us, but we always managed to put off tracking him down. Finally, we got his name one more time, nickname actually, and went to look him up. His nickname is Campana or more playfully, Campanita, which can be translated as "Tinker Bell". He wasn't at home, but later in the day he called us and came up on his little Yamaha motorcycle to check out the post.

Six pictures of detail on all sides of post
Detail of the post

He has been carving on his own for a long time and has a large collection of walking sticks, Tico coffee makers and other goodies that he sells now and then. He does custom carving such as ours by the hour, 1500 Colones = $3.

I cleaned all the bark off the post and Tamara made the initial drawing including an odd looking moth that was camped on our back patio door as if posing.

The entire carved post with new concrete base
The whole post with new base
Campana started work one Tuesday at 7 AM and quit that day at 5 PM. He filled in the drawing with a lot of other bugs, flowers and hummingbirds as he went along.

By 5 PM the next day, he was finished. It was then up to us to do the sanding, a surface burn, crack filling, sealing, staining and a final top coat of polyurethane.

I had to cut off the bottom 9 inches or so of the post as it had begun to rot. I also treated the bottom two inches by letting it soak in a mixture of diesel and penta. Afterward, I created a concrete base that is keyed into the patio floor. Tamara then decorated it with broken tile pieces.

We're absolutely delighted with the finished look. Even though I've been going over and over it as we finished it off, I feel like I see a new detail each time I look at it. Lizards, frog, hummers, vines, flowers, bugs fit right in with our tropical surroundings.

We're going to try and complete the other three posts one post per month.

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