Tamara's Costa Rica School Mosaic Project Mid-way

With about a week before school here in Costa Rica resumes, Tamara and her small crew are trying to finish the big wall mosaic at Sean's school. Most of the details are done now, so it's a matter of filling in the spaces and then grouting it all. Easy to say, time-consuming to do.

Costa Rica volunteers helping with wall mosaic
A neighbor girl, Marilyn, and fellow ex-pats, Steve Bok, and Patti Lawrence have been helping out every day
long view of costa rican mosaic projectThey'd probably all be done by now if we hadn't take several days off last week to make our first visit to Panama, but we wanted to squeeze in one trip while Sean is still on school break. 

This project, as all projects are wont to do, is taking longer than expected, but it's certainly coming out beautifully. I have been pushing Tamara to get some local media involved for publicity for her and the P.Z. International Women's Club, who helped sponsor this project. Anyone local who has contacts with journalists, please let them know.

Once this school mosaic project is done, Tamara would like to start classes for people interested in making such mosaics themselves. She's trying to arrange a format so that people from other countries can visit Costa Rica and squeeze in a week-long class while they are here. When she gets the details worked out on that, I will of course post about it here. 
detail of mosaic toucan
Detail of Toucan

mosaic detail of foliage on wall mosaic
Patti Lawrence working on lower foliage detail

finished mosaic section of three total
One section of three is finished as far as placing the tile pieces


  1. This is so cool! I want one in my house :)

  2. This just in! Just heard that a VIP is going to be visiting the school next week, so Tamara has extra incentive to get the wall finished.


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