At Last, The Costa Rica School Mosaic is Complete

If you've been following Tamara's progress on the CAIRA school mosaic, you know that's she's been at it for quite some time. Planning started last October, and work began the first part of December. There were a couple of weeks hiatus when the staff were on vacation during the Christmas holidays, and then Tamara and helpers were back at it in January. 

Last Friday, the project was finally finished. Monday was the official unveiling.

Wall mosaic at Colegio Ambientalista in Costa Rica
The entire mosaic, about 6 meters wide by 3 meters high
 The final week may have been the most difficult, as by that time Tamara just wanted it to be done at last. She's now able to enjoy a little down time, though she's tinkering with another, smaller mosaic commission this week. 

The pictures don't do it justice actually. It's more mind-blowing when you're standing right in front of it, twenty feet away. Savoring all the details takes time, but the students and faculty will be able to admire it for many years to come.

alternate view of mosaic, Costa Rica
Oblique view from the school entrance side
The opening ceremony was simple and charming. The director made a very gracious speech thanking Tamara for her artistic addition to the school ambience, and especially one that is congruous with the school's environmental charter. Tamara was equally gracious in thanking everyone who pitched in directly or indirectly. Some of the students put together a photographic mosaic for her with a small plaque on the back acknowledging her accomplishment. 

Though it was an ambitious project that perhaps wore on a bit too long, Tamara is thinking ahead of how she can do others of this proportion. She's hoping to put together some formal classes for people who want to visit Costa Rica, and learn the artistic tricks of creating broken tile mosaics.

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