What's Missing In Our Son's Life ...

Costa Rica map

These are the only places we know of in all of Costa Rica that have Dr Pepper! :^(

p.s. Yes, this is a joke, Sean is not that spoiled.
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  1. What a fortunate son you have,

    I;m sorry if you meant this to be light-hearted, but my heart is full of sorry for my son, who has more pressing issues in his life.

    1. Yes, of course, it is light-hearted. I am sorry to hear that your son is having difficulties.

  2. LOL, if your son is only missing Dr. Pepper, tell him he isn't missing much. He can get cough syrup at the local farmacia that tastes as good, if not better.

  3. Well San Isidro del General, don´t have any special atractions. Is my town. The living style is little different. Is more secure, and we hate San José(or don´t like).
    Only the Chirripo and Cerro de la Muerte, are so especial.
    You can come to PZ, don´t drive at nigth. Eat at the Chespiritos... and more.


Thanks so much for your comment! - Casey

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