Before and After (the paint job)

It has to have been at least 6 weeks since I took my truck to the body and paint shop in the village of La Bonita. Berny, the sole proprietor, estimated 3 weeks for a complete repair and repaint. He does a first-rate job, not an Earl Schieb quickie (I still remember those commercials clearly "... 29.95, any car, any color, no ups, no extras!"). Berny dismantles a lot of the car, fixes all the rust, dents and dings, primers it, and paints a couple of finish coats on everything, inside, outside, underneath, etc. 


The reason it took six weeks instead of 3 is the result of a couple unfortunate coincidences. Berny's wife had to go to the hospital due to complications with her pregnancy and almost simultaneously his mother was hospitalized with a kidney infection from which, sadly, she did not recover. That left him as the single patient, so it was difficult for him to find time for his work. It didn't matter much to me as I didn't have a pressing need for the truck anyway and I re-assured him that he had his priorities straight and that I could wait as long as it took.

It was well worth waiting for. It's as if the car had 20 years taken off its age, all bright and shiny and smooth. I estimate for a job like this we're talking 3 grand plus in the States. Here the whole job cost 900 bucks. 

I painted it not just because it sorely needed it (and the pics really don't show how bad it was), but because I wanted to sell it. As luck would have it my neighbor Luis now wants to buy it at my asking price as soon as he sells his second truck, a 1-ton Ford 250. Suits me fine as I get to drive the "new" truck now for at least several weeks more.

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