Return of the Pechinegro - Black-chested Hawks

Last Friday we partied at a neighbor's house-warming. This is the neighbor who owns the large finca that contains those big rocks adjoining our farm. During a conversation with her brother-in-law, who lives down by the San Ramon river, he asked me if we'd seen the Pechinegro hawks up at our place yet. You may recall, a year ago I posted about a huge flock of Pechinego migrating to the coast which had settled in our trees for the night. Until he asked that I hadn't realized that it was a regular thing, that they do this every year and always settle for the night near our farm. 

Perhaps we were away from the farm during their stays in 2009 and 2010 and didn't see them. We'd hoped we hadn't missed them already, but almost to the same day as last year, they showed up on the 20th just before sunset, swirling directly above and around our place in complete silence. A large number of them would stay high above the rest pointed into the wind, hovering motionless. We have a theory that these are the "guides" showing the location of their stop to others who haven't yet arrived. 

Certainly there didn't seem to be as many of them as last year, and they didn't settle directly in our trees this time, preferring to camp out further up the ridge. We watched them for an hour, making a video of these fascinating raptors when the flock drifted closer to the house. From inside our house looking out the picture windows Tamara said it was like being inside an aquarium as they drifted by. The video below might give you an idea of how this yearly event feels. The final cut is a portion of the stream of birds the next morning as they move directly to the coast for their next stop. We'll be sure to keep a sharp eye out for them in the coming years now that we know they will be back for sure. 



  1. That must have been a wonderful sight to see in person!

  2. Wow, I would love to have seen that. Those are beautiful birds.


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