The Emerald Season (remember you heard it here first!)

I must be having fun because time is flying! Hard to believe that 4+ months of the year is gone already. Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it as to why I've been away from the blogs for several weeks. I don't think, however, that we've been particularly more busy than usual when I think about it. 

It is planting season now for just about everything that one would want that can take advantage of the extra rain. It's definitely now what I will dub the "Emerald Season" (really CR's tourist bureau should pick up on that). We thought we were having an early end to summer a few weeks ago, but summer made a reprise up until about a week or so ago. But now you can count on rain every afternoon and/or evening, though you can't set your watch by it yet. 

Emerald season really let us know it was here last Wednesday when we had a terrific squall pass over us for a couple of hours. Lightning crashing, wind blowing, lots and lots of hard rain. I don't look forward to more of those. 

Anyway, we've been putting out veggie seedlings, and probably next week we are going to bring coffee plants back to the finca, which has been fallow for at least 10 years. We're going to start with about 100 plants down in the banana grove and do it all organically. I've done the basic clearing but we'll have some peones coming to do the heavy lifting of terracing and digging the holes. I'm planning on using a mixture of black earth (compost) and chicken manure in the holes. 

It's been birthday season around here for us and our neighbors since I last posted. We have three ourselves in April-May and the neighbors have five in those same two months. For a brief 12 days I and the patron of our adjoining property are the same age, after which he can go back to calling me the old man. In four days it's my wife's birthday, and 5 days after that my sister's. No, we are not forgetting that today is U.S. Mother's Day, either! And we won't forget the CR Mother's Day in August.

While out berry picking a few days ago Tamara and I rested on one of the lower plantels. From there I spotted my first confirmed Tolomuco! I thought I'd seen one before crossing one of our interior roads but it was so far away and fleeting that I was never sure. This guy was out in the open on the road below us, not aware that we were watching him. He wandered back and forth for about 10 minutes and his long slinky cat-like movements were fascinating. In the end he slipped back into a nearby coffee plantation from where he'd originally emerged. 

That's just a stock photo I found of one of our Tolomuco's relatives, since I didn't have a camera handy. We were delighted to see him, of course, but you could see the look of concern on the neighbors' faces when we recounted our observation. Tolomucos are infamous chicken thieves and most vecinos have at least a few (chickens that is, not Tolomucos). These animals are also known as Tayras and are usually pictured with a light-colored head of fur, which they get when they are older.

For now ... pura vida!

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